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I am an oil artist that paints seascapes, landscapes, portraiture and still-life characterized by strong use of saturated color and blended impasto and glazing techniques. My artistic direction is influenced by a variety of contemporary painters of today, as well as the great landcsape and portrait painters of the 19th and 20th century, particularly Sargent, Moran, and Picasso. 


I have some formal training, as I graduated with a minor in Art Studio from University of New Mexico, but the majority of my training has been through self-generated curriculum. I have studied with several influential painters of today, including Lindsey Kustusch and Colley Whisson; I also taught/teach color theory instruction and critique at Grapes and Gallery, in Columbia South Carolina, and I am the Host and creator of Columbia Art Group, which has over 900 members.  

More recently, I was selected to be an Marine Corps Combat Artist to represent the National Museum of the Marine Corps, located in Quantico VA. I will be soon be updating exciting information about this new opportunity soon!

I am working two new major projects: Painting Fellowship for Expeditionary Warfare School & Illustration for graphic novel Destination Unknown, Vol 2. Both works are set to be exhibited/published late spring of 2020.  


I am currently PCS'ing to Quantico VA. More to follow!