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I use value for drama, and I use color as my primary vehicle for storytelling. I utilize a full spectrum value scale, and I try to squeeze as much color into a painting as possible, all the while striving to maintain balance and harmony. I emphasize key elements of the subject by deliberate use of design, and thoughtful composition decision making. My goal is to capture an evocative composition by combining the major tenants of oil painting in my work. I often will paint on location to capture the true local color and mood of a scene, and then further engineer the artwork through semi-abstraction or full abstraction, and sharp specificity of marks.

I strive to make work that attracts the viewer, and connects them to the natural world in a meaningful and unique way.

My artistic direction is influenced by a variety of contemporary painters of today, as well as the great landscape and portrait painters of the 19th and 20th century, particularly Sargent, Moran, and Picasso.

I am currently showing at the Naha Art Stay Hotel from 1 November to 27 November. 

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